Leather Touchscreen Gloves

This past week I had the opportunity to do a product demonstration with the sleek and stylish Leather TouchScreen gloves, available on Amazon. Let me say, first and most importantly these gloves look like any other high quality leather glove you would purchase. So those of you conjuring up images of gloves with large capacitive finger patches, or something else ungodly should simply put those thoughts out of your mind.

From a comfort and wear standpoint these Leather TouchScreen gloves are fantastic. They’re made with supple Nappa Leather, and a warm long fleece lining which will leave your hands feeling soft. Just like the leather. They’re also available in brown or black. (Disclosure: I have a brown and a black coat, so I asked for both – and I was given both.) It has also been blisteringly cold here over the past week, and I found the Leather TouchScreen gloves to be highly effective at combating the cold.

With regard to using my leather touchscreen gloves on a whole variety of touch surfaces, I found them to be particularly effective. I had started out the week using them exclusively on my android tablet and iphone. However, after a few days of taking off my gloves to punch in the information on my GPS in my cold car, I decided to see how they would do with the tiny touch buttons on my GPS. To my surprise they were every bit as accurate as my own fingers. These discoveries lead me to try them at the ATM, the fuel pump, and any other touch surface I could find.

How do these gloves work? Its actually rather simple, when the manufacturer is tanning the leather they bake in a capacitive substance, which makes the gloves conductive, in the same way your own hands are. This allows them to deliver commands to touch screen devices, like your iPhone or iPad. As for the gloves, after one week, I am never giving them up. They have completely changed my ability to interact and use my phone in the winter, for the better, my hands don’t end up frozen, and they’re a stylish product. What more can I ask for?

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