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Freezing fingers while making phone calls? Use touchscreen gloves!

Operate Your Touch Screen Using Touchscreen Gloves

Surely we have all been there. You’re outside in the winter with your iPhone or Android Phone and low and behold a text message comes in, you receive a phone call. The next thing you know your gloves are off, because you needed to use your actual finger to activate the touch screen. Even if you cling to a blackberry, some of them have touch screens, and if you are stubborn and insist on getting a new one, it will have a touch screen.

No more. Now there is an innovative new solution to this problem, brought to you by and Amazon. These stylish and unique Touchscreen Gloves have a capacitive device, which allows the screens to be activated. Meaning you can use your phone, respond to a text message, or even answer a call. Touchscreen gloves are an innovative and simple solution to problem all Smartphone users face in the winter.

Yesterday I was talking about these gloves with some of my coworkers, discussing their convenience. Bragging about I no longer had to freeze when taking a call outside, or shortly after starting my car. The next question they asked is what the Touchscreen gloves looked like, opining they must be large, bulky and far from fashion forward. Of course this caused me to laugh rather loudly.

The great thing about the Touchscreen gloves is the capacitive devices are small, and unseen. Unlike other similar gloves, which have come to market these gloves are fashion forward. They come in a variety of different styles and colors to match any type of outerwear, from Burberry to your ski jacket. And for the style conscious one, who simply insists, they simply do come in leather.

Thus the Touchscreen gloves are a practical, fashion friendly, alternative to freezing your hands in the winter. Who really wants frostbite, anyway? Who wants to wear some of the other Touchscreen gloves, which have come out? After all the later look like oven mitts.